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[[File:Ron and Bellatrix for Moodle.jpg|alt=cat range|thumb|Ron and Bellatrix live at the same house, but Ron roams|left|303x303px]] [[File:where did my cat go reduced size.jpg|thumb|Welbourn fun|none|359.167x359.167px]]
File:800px_making_collar.jpg|Making Collar
File:using_a_GPS.jpg|Using a GPS
==Project Report==
==Project Report==

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Project Overview[edit | edit source]


This project built upon the Taranaki Furbabies cat-tracking project. School children tracked their cats with GPS units[1], [2], [3]and analysed where the cats went. CatMap focused on the areas adjacent to native bush to determine cats' preferred habitat

The resources include[edit | edit source]

The Blog 'MAIN Trust maps nature'  has a diary of the work done by  Welbourn School.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

cat range
Ron and Bellatrix live at the same house, but Ron roams

Project Report[edit | edit source]

Classes to introduce the following:

  • Cats – the lives of cats
  • Remote Sensing – how to use a GPS
  • iNaturalist – how to enter your wildlife data

Resources[edit | edit source]

  1. http://www.datamap.co.nz/education/course/view.php?id=8

References[edit | edit source]

  1. sciBRIGHT "How does GPS work?"
  2. High School Earth Science
  3. Unfa - how a GPS works

Global Positioning System