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This is a community generated website providing information about citizen science in Taranaki and New Zealand.If you wish to contribute, you are welcome to join, then log in to the wiki.

Click here for helpful advice in the 'Training Centre'

This project started very recently, and is a Wiki allowing growth with new material, so it will be changing rapidly and more items of interest will be added daily.

We have the extensive Phil Bendle Collection with his fantastic photos of New Zealand natural history and interesting details about the species. These 3,208 pages have been migrated from the creaky and elderly T.E.R.R.A.I.N. website.

The Resource Centre has information for you to reference and links to the official NZ sites where you can find data and methods. If you have information you want to share, there may be an existing citizen science project, like iNaturalist (for all living things) or e-Bird for birds.

The Citizen Science Projects section is where we are encouraging all CitSci projects to share methodology and findings and perhaps recruit helpers.

A place where people can collaborate and share knowledge

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