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This template creates an intro banner on a page. The banner should contain an image (optional), a title and 2-3 lines of text.

The template files (Template:Banner and Template:Banner/styles.css can be downloaded as part of the template package.

<templatedata> { "params": { "banner-image": { "description": "Image name, without the File: prefix", "type": "wiki-file-name", "label": "Image name" }, "banner-title": { "type": "string", "suggested": true, "label": "Heading", "description": "Text heading" }, "banner-text": { "label": "Text", "description": "1-3 lines of text", "type": "content" }, "boxbgcolor": { "label": "Background color", "description": "Default is grey (#efefef). Replace with any hex value, (e.g. #ffffe6)", "type": "string" }, "boxpadding": { "label": "Padding of the container box", "description": "Sets the padding for the box in pixels. Default is 20.", "type": "number" }, "contentpadding": { "label": "Content padding", "description": "Text padding independent from box padding. Default is 0.", "type": "number" }, "image-width": { "label": "Image width", "description": "Width in pixels. Default setting is 200", "type": "number" }, "boxalignitems": { "label": "Vertical alignment of the box content", "example": "start, center", "type": "string" }, "titlemargin": { "label": "Title margin", "description": "Allows to customize the margin of the title (e.g,. 0px 0px 0px 0px)" } }, "paramOrder": [ "banner-image", "image-width", "banner-title", "banner-text", "boxbgcolor", "boxpadding", "contentpadding", "boxalignitems", "titlemargin" ], "description": "The following parameters can be set in visual editing mode:" } </templatedata>