South Taranaki Reef Life

What makes the subtidal reefs of South Taranaki unique? Locals in Hawera and Pātea are discovering and documenting the subtidal rocky reef communities found in the South Taranaki Bight.

Project Overview

This project initially focuses on one target reef (approximately 11km offshore at a depth of 23 metres), for which a number of surveys will be conducted throughout the year allowing us to capture the ecological variance across seasons.

A range of basic scientific methods will be employed by local community groups to survey the reef. It is hoped that this research effort will continue into the future and expand to incorporate additional reefs.


Patea and District Fishing Club, Hawera Intermediate, Hawera High School, Ngaa Rauru, Te Runanga o Ngaati Ruanui Trust, Taranaki Regional Council, DOC


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