Solanum chenopodioides (Velvety Nightshade)

Kingdom: Plantae
(Unranked): Asterids
Order: Solanales
Family: Solanaceae
Genus: Solanum
Species: S. chenopodioides
Scientific name: Solanum chenopodioides
Common name: Velvety Nightshade, Tall nightshade,  Whitetip Nightshade

Solanum chenopodioides is a sprawling perennial herb native to South Americ usually up to 1 m high, At first glance, this is very similar to Black Nightshade "Solanum nigrum" but is It is slightly downy. it is more upright.
Its florescences are 5–10-flowered; peduncle 10–20 mm long, slightly longer in fruit; pedicels 5–8 mm long. Calyx 1–3.5 mm long; lobes to 1 mm long. Corolla deeply incised, 12–20 mm diam., white.  It flowers chiefly in summer. Its berries are 5–9 mm in diam, black and peduncle deflexed.
The grey-green leaves are ovate to lanceolate, usually 4–7 cm long, 2–4 cm wide, margins entire or shallowly lobed; slightly discolourous, both surfaces pubescent; petiole to 5 cm long. They are hairy with simple hairs; prickles are absent.
It is usually found on wasteland, gravel dumping areas beside roads, at margins, under poplars and willows but appears to be fairly tolerant and may turn up in most situations. It is not a major problem. Spread by birds into disturbed scrub and forest margins. 

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The unripe green fruit.
1-Solanum chenopodioides Velvety Nightshade -004.JPG

The ripe fruit.
Velvety nightshade Solanum chenopodioides-003.JPG

Solanum chenopodioides Velvet nightshade-001.JPG

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