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We would like to give special thanks to Wikipedia for the information and some of the text we have used on pages on this website.


Thanks to Landcare Research for information and photos on our New Zealand fauna and flora.

Landcare Research

Thanks to the folks at iNaturalist who have helped in the identification of some flora and fauna. Thanks also to members who readily gave permission to use their images.


Thanks to the members of NZ Plant Conservation Network for their identification of our native flora.

NZ Plant Conservation Network

Thanks to the members of Facebook's groups for IDs and for giving permission to use their images. Many photographers provided Phil and MAIN Trust with images. Originally these were published on the T.E.R.R.A.I.N website, until the library became so large that it had to be moved to a wiki.

NZ Bug identification, Mushrooms of NZ Plant ID NZ Wildlife of NZ Weeds in NZ

Insects & Invertebrates of New Zealand


A donation is appreciated if you wish to use any of the Phil Bendle images on this website commercially. If you would like to contribute please pay by either online banking to TSB Bank NZ account number 15-3954-0508802-00 or PayPal

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