Add a Page

Choose the category you wish to add a page under, such as the 'Curious Minds' category, which is a Subcategory of "Citizen Science projects". add page 1.jpg

Click the + icon in the header and select New page

New Page.png

Type in the name you want to call the page. add page 3.jpg

The page is ‘empty’ to start with, so click the "empty page" to begin editing. In the menu, you can then in type the name of the page you wish to create.

add empty new page.jpg

Add some text to the page space and save it. It will not have a category assigned yet, so you have to either:
1. Create source >> ‘edit source’ code The code for the category is written in the bottom of the page text. For a page in the Resources category, and Botanical terms sub-category, write:-

[[Category: Botanical terms]]

If the page is in CitSci Projects / Curious Minds write:-

[[Category:Curious Minds]]
[[Category:Citizen Science Projects]]

codes for categories box.jpg

2. Otherwise, close and reopen your page then select the drop-down ‘Categories’ to give it a home. ‘Citizen Science Projects’ or ‘Resources’.

4 add new page.jpg

As you start typing the portal name will appear. Select the correct ones to match the Category and sub-category. If you do not do this then your project will not show up in the list of projects.

add page 4 categories.jpg